Richoose Disposable Instant Hair Color Chalk Comb Hair dye Long Lasting Temporary Shimmer Hair Color Cream for Party Fans Cosplay DIY 6PCS


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Spray dry shampoo on the ends of your hair before applying the chalk. Or use a white chalk first, then add colour over the top.

1.It will be harder to achieve the bright colours on dark hair.
2.Suitable for over 3 years old people (suitable for the senior). This comb should be used with caution by skin allergy sufferers.

  • Safe to use and easy to wash out,washes out just with ordinary shampoo and water.
  • Your hair will look soft and flowing,once you brush it out, your hair will be supple and natural, not stiff and sticky,make your hair look very beautiful
  • Uniform depth and three-dimensional coloring, reduce damage to the hair, let your hair more supple in hair dye process.
  • Use a comb for hair, do not easily stain your own hands, and can make the hair color more evenly
  • Temporary hair combs, so you can transform a variety of hair color, very suitable for party Fans Cosplay