Mogador — Nourishing hair mask — Enriched With Authentic Moroccan Argan Oil — Deep Repair For Dry & Damaged Hair — Promotes Hair Growth — Protects The Hair From Damage — 100% Organic And Sustainable — 350ml


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Mogador Cosmetics is called firstly after the old city in Morocco called Essaouira. The city housed until late years a colossal Jewish presence who included in their domain trade of aromatics and fragrance. Moroccan Argan trees are local around there in the Marrakech area of Morocco.. Argan oil is generally used to moisturize hair and skin and to hydrate skin. Argan is rich in vitamin E and unsaturated fat. Argan oil is incorporated in fine items that regularly support skin flexibility. It is non-oily and not allergenic, which it to be a characteristic cream. The Israeli producer of fine Cosmetic items “Chic Cosmetics” was decided to make these items for the world market because of their profound understanding of the qualities of oils and emollients to detail an incredible line of totally natural skin and hair items from Mogador’s elite blend of oils and butters

  • Include natural incidents only, does not include SLS or parabens.
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