Marui Automatic Hair Curling Curler LCD Display Ceramic Steam Spray Roller Iron Wave Machine Steamer (White)


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* Power: 30-50W
* Product volage: 110 – 240v
* Time setting: 8s, 10s, 12s, 15s
* Length: 28cm/10.9 inch
* Height: 10.4cm/4.1 inch
* 8s: Big wavy hair
* 10s: Medium wavy hair
* 12s: Soft medium curly hair
* 15s: Tight curly Hair
Temperature Setting:
Temperature range:140 – 230 degree
* 140 degree – 160 degree is for fine/soft and colored hair.
* 180 degree – 200 degree is for normal tectured hair.
* 220 degree – 230 degree is for thick and stiff hair.
Beside, with LCD display, you will have a simple operation. The more appropriate temperature you set, the better hair you will have.
* Ensure hair is dry and combed through.
* Slide the temperature switch to the required heat setting.
* The hair curler is ready for use when the on indicator light has stopped flashing.
* There are multiple timer settings. Select the desired style time setting.
* Select the curl direction by sliding the control to either position “L”-Left, “R”-Right or “A”-Automatic.
* Separate a section of hair that is no bigger than 3cm wide . Ensure that the section is clean, dry and combed through.
* Please note the styler must be positioned into the hair with the open part of the curl chamber facing towards the head.
* Position the styler where you want the curl to start. The hair section must be held straight. And placed neatly through the centre of the styler . Once the hair is in place. Let go of the hair section and close the handle to allow the hair the hair to be automatically taken into the curl chamber.
* 1 x Set of Automatic Hair Curler

  • 1. Automatic hair curler with spray. This automatic hair curler allows the water molecules to penetrate into hair thoroughly through spray function, achieve natural moisturizing, smooth and add luster effect to hair.
  • Automatic Hair Curl adopts ceramic material in the curl chamber; it can help protect your hair while heats up instantly. By adopting ceramic material, these ceramic particles will exhale anion when heats up, and these anion will neutralize static electricity, which will help care your hair and make it much healthier.
  • Specially designed with LCD display, it is quite easy to read the temperature and setting and it is legible for you to adjust the settings according to your hair.
  • There are 3 curl directions, the left, right and auto. Furthermore, there are 4 timer setting, 8s, 10s, 12s and 15s to create looser waves, soft curls or more defined curls effects. Moreover, with 140 degree-230 degree adjustable temperatures for long lasting results on different hair types, there will be one type that you like.
  • Dual voltage from 110V to 240V. This multi-function hair curler will bring you every brilliant day. You will have various hair styles according to different occation and become the focus of much attention wherever you are.