Hair Stimulant and Scalp Reviver: Best Hair Loss Treatment for Men, Strengthen Hair Anchorage & Stimulate Scalp, Contains Keratin, Essential Oils – 50 millilitres

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Common hereditary hair loss affects millions of men, and the symptoms, such as hair thinning or noticeable bald spots, can appear as soon as early 20′s.

Packed with natural proteins and oils, Miracle Hair Stimulant & Scalp Reviver hair regrowth treatment is the latest product in the fight against hair loss.

Our revolutionary hair growth serum works by stimulating blood flow at the root of the hair follicle, encouraging new growth. Keratin protein strengthens the hair shaft, extending the lifecycle of the hair, while delivering sensational shine.

Blended essential oils work to encourage new hair growth, prevent hair fall and breath life back into each hair strand.

Rosemary oil works to replenish lost nutrients and fight infections in the scalp which can cause hair to fall out. Ylang Ylang oil stimulates the production of sebum, your skins natural oil, for healthy and conditioned hair. When massaged in to the scalp, Lavender oil improves blood circulation to promote hair growth. Nettle extract reduces scalp inflammation and blocks the conversion of testosterone into DHT, the primary cause of male hereditary hair loss.

Try today to revitalise your hair and encourage new growth without delay!

  • Effective Keratin Hair Treatment : Keratin molecules strengthen hair from root to tip, revitalising the scalp and increasing the lifecycle of existing hair
  • Natural Blend of Essential Oils : A powerful mix of essential oils to give your scalp and hair all the nutrients it needs as a hair regrowth treatment
  • Alcohol-Free : Works better than alcohol-based products as alcohol dries the skin, causing dandruff, itching and a flaky scalp
  • As Easy as 1,2,3! : Simply apply the hair growth serum onto the scalp and massage in for two minutes and you’re good to go!