Enrapture Encode Totem Hair Styler/Tong Bar


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Leading the collection is the ultimate next generation curling tool, the Enrapture Encode Totem styler. The patented totem barrel is the first ever styler to feature three independent heat zones that can be set to different temperatures using encoder dials (1 for loose curls, 3 for tight curls). Encode different heat combinations to create varied looks e.g. 3,1,3. With the highest heat settings forming bouncy, tight curls and the lower, cooler settings forming loose waves and softer spirals, a variety of looks can be created depending on the heat code selected.To style your hair with Enrapture Encode Totem styler, you will need a light hold hair spray. First read the enclosed booklet, ensuring you have followed the hair testing instructions and read the safe styling section below. Ensure your hair is clean and totally dry as curls will not hold on damp hair. With all new styling tools it takes a little practice to know how to use the tool to get the best results. We recommend before the Encode Totem styler is turned on, you practice holding the styler and understand how you will use it on your hair. All metal titanium areas on the Encode Totem styler become hot when the styling tool is turned on. For that reason, ensure you take extra care to control the release of the flipper and avoid touching any skin when styling. Always hold the styler at a safe distance from the back of your neck and other skin areas and always slowly release the waver from gripping your hair in a controlled manner. Ensure you wear clothing to cover shoulders and always use a well positioned mirror. When styling the back of your head we advise you to tilt away from the Encode Totem styler. Before you use the styler, always select the lowest heat to test on a small section of hair.

  • Titanium plate technology delivers constant high heat with polished titanium
  • Titanium plated mini flipper delivers high heat while holding the hair for tighter curls
  • Unique 25 mm totem barrel with three independent heat zones
  • Cool tip for two handed control with LED on/off light and removable stand