Volumon Professional Hair Building Fibres- Hair Loss Concealer- KERATIN- 28g- Get Upto 30 Uses- CHOOSE FROM 8 COLOUR SHADES (Light Brown)


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Volumon keratin fibres utilises the latest technology to ensure the thickest, textured and natural keratin hair solution. It is a cosmetic breakthrough which immediately transforms your appearance, leaving men and women with thicker looking hair in under 30 seconds. The fibres are electro statically charged, creating a magnetic effect, binding them to existing hair cells, thus maximising their holding potential. They product dramatic density with volume and totally undetectable coverage to your thinning and balding areas. Volumon Keratin Hair Fibres use the highest quality, pure organic keratin, which is the most similar to protein found in humans. This provides the most realistic and textured artificial hair solution. The results are so dense and natural, that it is impossible to detect any artificial fibres, even at close range.

Volumon’s keratin hair fibre formula is so effective, that the fibres are resistant to wind, rain and perspiration, yet they easily wash out with shampoo.

The fibres attach to your existing hair, which creates a strong hold which lasts all day.

Volumon keratin hair fibres can be used on all types and shades of hair. Whether it is black, brown or blonde, shorty, curly or long, the results will remain outstanding. Even at close range it is impossible to detect the hair fibres, because they do not spear or stain, but provide a natural, thick and textured appearance.

Hairloss can have an enormously negative effect on our self esteem and confidence. Volumon’s hair fibres have helped positively change the lives of millions of men and women accross the globe, from those suffering from alopecia, from those experiencing thinning hair, or even drastic baldness.

  • Volumon Keratin- Provide Natural Hair Fibres Which Are Applied To Your Thinning Hair For a Fuller, Thicker, Natural Looking Hair Style
  • Professionally Strengthen Hair Cells To Improve And Thicken Existing HairÊÊ
  • The Laser Comb Circulates The Blood Cells To Rejuvenate Skin And Hair Cells Which Reduces Dandruff
  • Vibrating Function Promotes Blood Circulation Which Makes Hair Healthier And Stronger.
  • This Device isÊPoweredÊby 2 x AA Batteries (Not Included).ÊFull Instructions For Use Included Inside.