USpicy Hair Straightening Brush with Slide Temperature Control and Negative Ion Technology (Heats up Fast, Auto-Lock Function & Auto-Shut-Off Function, Innovative Bristle Design)

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Match your hair to your princess (or prince) personality and get glossy and frizz-free locks with this USpicy Hair Straightening Brush. The negative ion technology will leave your hair less electrostatic making it sleeker, shinier and silkier. It heats up to 446°F in only 90 seconds and thanks to the auto-lock function you won’t risk changing the temperature by accident.

Easy Temperature Setting
One slide control to rule them all! With the super easy to use temperature control you can just slide the knob up and down and the temperature will raise and lower according to the reign of your thumb. Achieve exactly the temperature that is best to tame your mane – every time.

Glossy, Frizz-Free Locks
Become Rapunzel’s biggest nemesis with this straightening brush that releases the perfect amount of negative ions on to your hair while leaving your locks sleek and healthy. Even frizz is prevented thanks to a reduction of electrostatic making your hair look shiny, sleek and silky.

Brings the Heat – Fast
The advanced MCH ceramic plate heats up to 446°F in only 90 seconds while a general PTC plate only reaches 350°F in the same time. Not only can you save time while you are getting ready for work, your cute date or the party of the year, but the increased heat also makes for a sleeker result.

Practical Auto-Lock Function
The straightening brush comes with an auto-lock function that sets the temperature and will help you avoid changing it accidentally. Furthermore the device will automatically turn off after 30 minutes of operation making styling your hair safe, fuss- and worry-free.

No-Tears Bristle Design
The new and upgraded design of the bristles detangles your knots gently and painlessly but yet effectively. The 390° Swivel Cord makes the handling of the straightening brush incredibly easy and avoids a twining cord, for a smooth and uncomplicated hair styling process.

  • Easy Temperature Setting: With the super easy to use slide control you can set the temperature exactly how you want it in just a few seconds; get the perfect amount of heat to style your mane
  • Glossy, Frizz-free Locks: The negative ion technology makes sure your heat styling result is sleek and silky and you are left with shiny hair that will make Rapunzel – or any princess -jealous
  • Brings the Heat – Fast: This hair straightening brush comes with a MHC ceramic plate that heats up to 446°F in only 90 seconds, making it 27% hotter than a generic PTC plate
  • Auto-lock Function: Set the temperature and don’t worry about changing it accidentally in the middle of your styling thanks to this Auto-Lock function; automatically shuts off after 30 minutes
  • No-tears Bristle Design: This two-in-one device will detangle your knots super gently, yet effectively while simultaneously transforming your locks into a shiny, sleek splendor