Tutanat Brazilian Keratin Treatment Kit – Formaldehyde free, includes Brazilian Keratin shampoo 100ml, Brazilian Keratin treatment 100ml, Brazilian Keratin mask 100ml – Full Brazilian blowout kit for sleek & frizz free hair


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Tutanat Brazilian Keratin treatment is free from harmful substances such as formaldehyde and has been safety tested in Europe to European Cosmetic Standards even though it is made in Brazil. It is the perfect solution for your Brazilian blowout/Brazilian straightening treatment to produce soft, straight and frizz free hair. Tutanat Brazilian keratin kit is an easier and more practical way for you to achieve smooth hair and contains everything you need to successfully straighten your hair, including a shampoo to use before the treatment and hair mask after the treatment.

Achieve smooth frizz free hair is 6 easy steps.

Step 1

Apply Tutanat Sleek Shampoo and rinse your hair. Remove excess water with the aid of a hair dryer.

Step 2

Divide hair into 1 to 2cm sections and apply the Tutanat Brazilian Straightening keratin throughout. Wait for 10 minutes

Step 3

Blowdry your hair using a blow dryer and brush

Step 4

Using hair straighteners, straighten your hair in small sections, passing the hair straighteners over each section three times.

Guide temperature for hair straighteners by hair type:

Thick or coarse hair or natural hair: 200/210C

Normal hair: 190/200C

Dyed hair: 180/190C

Bleached hair: 160/180C

Leave your hair to cool down.

Step 5

Gently wash your hair again using the Tutanat Sleek Shampoo. Dab excess water from your hair

Step 6

Apply the Tutanat Sleek Hair mask to your hair, ensuring each hair strand is coated. Wait for 5 minutes before rinsing your hair thoroughly

Warning: DO NOT use a shampoo that contains sulphates after your treatment. If you have any shampoo left over from this kit DO NOT use it to wash your after you have completed your treatment as it CONTAINS sulphates.

  • Formaldehyde Free Brazilian hair straightening kit with everything you need for your Brazilian straightening treatment for smooth and frizz free hair.
  • Made without the use of harmful substances like formaldehyde and tested to European Cosmetics safety standards. Safe for home use.
  • Contains shampoo to be used before the Brazilian straightening process and a hair mask to end the treatment and keep hair healthy, hydrated and provide thermal protection for your hair against heat damage from blow drying.
  • This Brazilian keratin treatment kit is sufficient for a single treatment, with a quick application process that produces immediate results that last for 2 to 3 months.
  • Authentic Brazilian straightening formula made in Brazil.