TRIM Formula – Zero Bloating Whey Protein From Lean Greens, Lactose and Gluten Free For People Who’ve Struggled With Bloating When Taking Protein Powders (Vanilla)

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Designed primarily for great taste, easy mixing and maximum effect. TRIM Formula from Lean Greens is an 86% Whey Protein Isolate powder, which benefits from being LACTOSE and GLUTEN FREE.

This is the perfect protein supplement with its low reactivity, causing less bloating than any other protein available today.

TRIM mixes incredibly easily in cold water. Just add 250ml of cold water to a shaker bottle (no irritating shaker ball required), add one sachet of TRIM, the shake vigorously for 15-20 seconds. Drinking all in one go.

We’ve selected flavours that are delicious but not over-powering, so they’ll not spoil your protein pancakes, mug cakes, high protein cookies, cakes, and sweet treats. Use TRIM in all your favourite high protein recipes to give all your food a boost.

We know what its like trying something new, buying online, you have no idea if the promise matches the reality. Just like EVERY Lean Greens product, we back up your purchase entirely for 60 days. If for any reason you don’t like the product, don’t think its making any difference to you, or you simply don’t like the colour of the box, let us know and we’ll happily offer a full refund. We the thrive on all the reviews we get for our products, but please contact us first if you have any concerns and we’ll do our best to address them.

WE’RE NOT LIKE THE 1000lb Gorillas!
The supplement world is full of gorillas, literally and figuratively! We’re a small but growing UK business, with big ideas to change the perception of supplements. We love to serve cool folk who like our philosophy, I hope you rock!

  • THE SMOOTHEST, EASY DRINKING PROTEIN SUPPLEMENT YOU’VE EVER TRIED OR YOUR MONEY BACK! Yes a bold statement, but Lean Greens takes great taste seriously. There’s no point creating the most potent Protein powder on the market, if it tastes so bad you won’t drink it. We guarantee you’ll love it, or your money back.
  • TRY THIS IF YOU’VE BEEN BLOATED FROM OTHER WHEY PROTEIN SUPPLEMENTS. The one compliant we hear most from people taking whey protein isolate products is the bloating. TRIM is LACTOSE FREE and GLUTEN FREE, making it the lowest reactivity of any protein supplement you’ve tried before. Try TRIM risk free with our 60 day guarantee.
  • ONE OF THE HIGHEST POTENCY PROTEIN PRODUCTS AVAILABLE TODAY. Lean Greens TRIM Formula contains 86% Protein, 22g per serving. For most active people this is the ideal amount of protein, with less of the non-active ingredients. If you want maximise your training efforts, or simply give you daily nutrition a top up of protein, then TRIM is the easiest way to do so.
  • EASY TO MIX IN TO YOUR RECIPES. HIGH PROTEIN PANCAKES, MUG CAKES, CHEESECAKE… cookies, chocolate cakes and more. With two great flavours commonly used in creating high protein snacks, treats, and breakfasts… TRIM can be used in all your high protein recipes, baking and cooking without it spoiling the taste.
  • KEEP A COUPLE OF SACHETS OF TRIM IN YOUR BAG AT ALL TIMES. PROTEIN POWDER CAN’T MAKE YOU SLIM, FIT AND HEALTHY, however it can give you a decent boost of essential amino acids, the building blocks of your entire body. Consume ONLY the highest quality protein supplements from Lean Greens, to maximise your chances of getting the body you really want. Our perfectly formed sachets are designed to be slotted in to your gym bag or handbag for a protein shake at the perfect time