Tricolopure Men Actives – 180 tablets – 3 months supply. 200% Stronger than competitor products. Prevent and reverse hair loss. SKU: TM3

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Tricolopure Men Actives – 3 months’ supply br /> Healthier hair for a happier you. Our double-potency, all natural formula contains an abundance of nutrients that help to prevent and even reverse male hair loss and balding
Tricolopure Men Actives is a nutritional supplement designed to improve the health of hair and rewind time on hair loss, thinning, and male pattern baldness.
The high strength formula in Men Actives contains the nutrients, essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids that the hair follicles require to create healthy hair growth and positively influence the body’s hormone balance to reverse hair loss and thinning.
Clinically proven to work, the ingredients that make up the potent Tricolopure Men Actives formula have been proven to slow hair loss and reverse previous hair loss in many trials, most of which have utilised only a half strength formula (conducted on competitor products).
It has been developed to ensure maximum benefit and deliver the greatest result. With that in mind it was created with the same ingredients as main competitor products, but with 200% of the active ingredients.

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  • More than 2 times the strength of competitor products (in terms of quantity of active ingredients)
  • Scientifically proven formula shown to reduce and even reverse hair loss
  • Able to create dramatic improvements within 1 month
  • An internal solution that tackles hair loss and hair thinning at its root cause
  • Not an external solution that merely temporarily eases the problem