Touch Of Grey T45 Hair Color Dark Brown 40g


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Just For Men Touch Of Grey Dark Brown-Grey T-45 40g LETS YOU KEEP A LITTLE GREY HAIR The first and only hair treatment formulated to let keep a little grey. Great for men who want to look their best, but don`t want to get rid of all their grey. A REAL FIRST; NO MIX, NO MESS APPLICATOR The first men`s no-mix system. Easy as combing your hair. 5 minutes, zero mess. WORKS GRADUALLY; TOTAL CONTROL Wit each application, you control how grey goes. GENTLE AND LONG LASTING No ammonia, no peroxide. Yet the natural look l:asts up to 6 long weeks. THE P:ERFECT LOOK A little grey to show your experience, but not so much that hides yiour vitality. TOUCH OF GREY COMES IN A RANGE OF NATURAL-LOOKINGS SHADES Can`t decide between two shades? Try the lighter one first. You can always go darker later.

  • GETS RID OF SOME GREY, NOT ALL Innovative formula uses oxygen in the air to reduce grey without getting rid of it completely.
  • NO MIXING, NO MESS APPLICATOR No-mix, no-mess system, easy as combing your hair in only 5 minutes, zero mess.
  • WORKS GRADUALLY Removes a little grey with each application
  • Achieve the “salt and pepper” blend of greys that everyone loves
  • The first and only oxygen-activated formula that can’t over-colour. It preserves the natural variations in your hair.