The Wolf Moon® Wooden Beard Mustache Comb Sandal Rosewood Hand Made – Anti Dandruff, Non-static + Eco-friendly- Great for Scalp/Hair Health in a Hemp Travel Bag

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the Wolf Moon 100% Handmade Double Sided Premium Quality Natural Red Sandalwood Comb.
Reduce your carbon footprint and move away from plastic combs by choosing this Natural Red Sandalwood Beard – Mustache Comb.

Start in the middle and comb outwards from the middle, left then right. Listen for that tell tale noise that escapes your lips The wider tooth side is a luxurious treatment for your beard. Left up your head and start at about your Adams apple and comb towards your chin – bottom lip. Slowly to begin as although not tangled the beard hair may lay over each other, Feel and enjoy the freedom of this beard opening stroke. The Natural sandalwood comb will impart the qualities that only sandalwood can. No static and the transfer of natural inherent proteins as well as a low level sandalwood scent … headaches, baldness and loss of hair. When finished grooming wash your comb in l warm water and return in to the sacking bag we supply you Will Not Snag Hair Like Plastic Comb & No Static. Due to the nature of Real sandalwood, the color can vary, and it changes color under Sun exposure. Do not drop it!

  • Made of 100% Rosewood sandalwood. From Ecologically Plantation Harvested Sandalwood, Natural Wood Aromatic aroma.
  • Length: 12cm, Width: 5cm, Thickness: 0.9cm. Material: Rosewood Sandalwood 3.9 i nch x 2.4 inch Double sided teeth Flatfish shape, creative design meaningful gift. NOTE: Its natural sandalwood and color are almost different for each comb.
  • Improve blood circulation and therefore reduce hair loss, dandruff, headache and gray hair.
  • A Natural Comb, No Static that Will Not Snag Beard or Mustache Like Plastic can. Real Rosewood sandalwood is a natural product. the color could vary from dark yellowish to dark brown. Each one is hand made and not machine produced Smooth and comfortable, High quality.Most helpful to reduce tension and help relaxation because of its natural composition
  • Under Sun exposure.It can change color Do not drop it!. Keep it is it’s Hemp travel sack .sack Most helpful to reduce tension and help relaxation because of its natural composition..