Features: 1. Permanent hair removal, the effect significantly restrain the hair regeneration, the stem dilatation of the hair follicle, hair harden. Use after a period of time, obviously is thinning hair density, hair become soft. Long-term use...

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Introducing the all new Parlux Advance®. Innovative, technologically advanced and "futuristic". Equipped with the newest and latest K-ADVANCE® motor for superior performance. Now with 2200 watts of drying power and a longer lifespan of 2500...

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5 feathers bonded together at the tip to make one feather extension -The feathers are real so the sizes and lengths are all different. No two feathers are the same - Feathers will not look identical to those shown in photo - that is just a sample...

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Description:***Sale Price*** If you are looking for style and luxury with a contemporary finish then this trolley is a must. Three Shelves made from toughened glass are finished in a sparkle effect or with a mist glass. Choose between three...

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Specification: * Power: 30-50W * Product volage: 110 - 240v * Time setting: 8s, 10s, 12s, 15s * Length: 28cm/10.9 inch * Height: 10.4cm/4.1 inch * 8s: Big wavy hair * 10s: Medium wavy hair * 12s: Soft medium curly hair * 15s: Tight curly...

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Having you Been Wondering How to Style Thin Hair? Apply this volumising hair powder to your roots and watch your hair volumize instantly! Use this powder to add texture and volume to limp hair. Doesn't weigh your hair down like some hair...

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