Boutique Quality, Civilian Price Welwel is a young company and has opened business in Europe and America. We have a research and development team to create exquisite products; we have cooperative factories to prove premium quality of our...

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Whether you are a professional hairstylist, or simply love to get the most from your style, the right hairdressing combs will make all the difference to your finished look. These combs have wider and longer teeth to avoid snagging and to leave...

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Sandalwood Wooden Hair Massage Comb Thick Round Handle Wide Tooth for Curly HairSandalwood has a natural fragrant which is good for human healthHelpful to reduce tension and help relaxationIts wide tooth design is absolutely suitable for curly...

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Majestik+ Carbon combs are made of highest quality of carbon fibre, which makes it one of the lightest, strongest, and most durable combs. These carbon combs weight less than an ounce, which ensures ultimate comfort during usage. • Anti...

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