SweetLF Ionic Hair Brush for Straightening and Detangling without Static & Scald & Frizzy, Pink


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Product Description:
Do you spend hours trying to detangle your hair only to find yourself feeling helpless every day? Are you guilty of torturing your hair with cheap and useless hairbrushes that rip, yank and tear knots from your hair? Now, SweetLF brush will Sincerely give you a wonderful life.

What makes you amazing?

Unbelievable design:
Combine the hair brush with the scalp massager, not only can it massage scalp while you comb your hair, but also promote head blood circulation and relaxation, eliminate the tension and fatigue, for finally offer you a smooth shine charming hair.

Humane considerations:
The brush has smooth rounded bristle tips that stimulate your scalp, handle fits right into the palm of your hand and make brushing your hair faster and easier, handy size design makes it more convenient for your daily and travel use.

1. Comb your hair slowly and repeatedly from the root until your hair is smooth. The time to comb varies according to your hair type and length.
2. Apply leave in hair conditioner to your hair after brushing for a better result.

Cleaning method:
1. You can use a damp cloth to clean the brush body, do not wash with water directly.
2. To clean the brush cushion, please use your fingers to remove the dust or hair on the brush, or detach the brush cushion from the brush body and rinse it under the tap water.

1. The battery is not include.(One 1.5V AAA request)
2. Please remove the cushion pad when you clean it.
3. Make sure the brush cushion is completely dried before re-attached to the brush body.

1 * Detangling Hairbrush

  • Built-in Ionizer – negative ions can neutralize the positive charge to reduce the static frizz static electricity, bifurcation and tie, reproduce smooth shine charming hair.
  • Ergonomic Design – the handy size makes it easy to hold and use, you can easily have a fast but great soothing head massage anytime, anywhere with shiny and smooth hair
  • Soft Comb teeth, Good For Your Scalp – all comb teeth are seamless with a super smooth surface to avoid scrubbing damage on scalp or hair trapping during usage
  • Perfect For Travel Use – it works with an AAA battery, easy to install and carry, especially on the Journey, quick start of your beautiful styling.
  • Easy To Clean – the separable cushion pad design makes it detached for easy clean with water regularly, offer you a clean styling every time.