Subtle Care Pack Solar


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Subtle Sun Care Pack for the maintenance of your hair exposed to the sun or before the show. The pack includes: – 1 Shampoo Subtle Sun Care Hair and Body – 1 Spray Bi Phase Subtle Sun Care – 1 Jelly Haute Nutrition With this package you can maintain your hair daily Subtle Sun Care Shampoo Subtle Sun Care Special Shampoo hair and body. Formula 2 in 1 2 in 1 shampoo that gently cleanses the skin and hair exposed to sunlight. It prevents loss of color and shine intensely moisturizes hair fiber regains its shine. A delicious fragrance envelops the body of his sweet sun-drenched score. Application: Apply to wet hair and body. Massage in a lather and rinse thoroughly. Capacity: 250 ML Spray Bi Phase Subtle Sun Care Sun care sun care detangler Bi Phase enriched in trace elements and pro vitamin B5. it protects, moisturizes and detangles instantly during and after sun exposure. Its formula enriched with UV filter keeps the reflection and brilliance of color. Moisturised, hair is beacoup more radiant. Application: Mix the two phases, apply to wet or dry chveeux before and after sun exposure. Contennace: 200 ML Frozen Haute Nutrition Subtle Sun Care Subtle care jelly Solar 100 ml Hair Care dried by sun damage. High hydration solar jelly is an after sun which helps regenerate the capilalire fiber. Hydrated hair is easy to comb and found a silky finish. Application: After exposure to the sun, although rÃ?©partr humiodes on hair and comb. In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly. Capacity: 100 ML