Style 16” 18” 20” 22” 24” 26” Easy Loops Micro Rings Beads Tipped 100% Real Human Hair Extensions Straight Hair 8 Colors Beauty Design Salon (16inch 40g for 100s one pake, 60 platinum blonde)


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Micro Loop Ring Hair Extensions is the updated Stick hair, which is made of 100% human hair with self Micro ring System. You only need a professional hair extensions plier to apply these hair extensions which menas hair extension tools will not be needed! This is because Micro Loop Hair Extensions have the Micro Loop and Micro ring attached already.
This system does not require any heat, glue, keratin bonding or sewing. Most importantly this system does not yield damaging effects on the hair as heat, glue, keratin bonds, glues, braiding or sewing. No Glue, No Mess, No Fuss
The latest innovation of hair extensions. It is easy to use without heat or glue. I&K Micro Loop Ring Hair extensions is made by 100% finest human hair and it has micro ring already in place. All you need is the pliers. You can straighten, curl and cut it.
Materials: Selected 100% finest Human hair, Highest Quality Keratin, Plastic coated aluminum rings and plastic loop.

Length – 26 Inches-66CM
Weight – 0.50grams (Between 200-300 strands will be needed for a full head)

Application Time: 40 minutes (approx.) Life: 6 to 12 Months (depending on care and use)

  • 100% Real remy human hair.Loops Micro Rings beads tipped hair
  • Can be washed, heat styled.but pls Maintain it Carefully
  • 0.5g/strand, and 100 strands 50g.Weight decides the thickness. Usually, a full head needs at least 100g-150g human hair.
  • High quality, tangle free, silky soft.
  • you need this plier and needle foryour applications.