Strong Hair Growth Complete Nutrition Supplement Powerful Boost for Hair Loss Lotions or Thin Hair Spray Treatments Such As Minoxidil, MINOX-ve, Finasteride or Regaine from the Inside. 60 x One a day capsules containing a FULL Range of Essential Nutrients for Fastest Growth Time. Over 36 Potent Nutrients Inc. D Biotin, Selenium, Zinc, Iron, Kelp, L Methionine and Many More. Suitable for Men, Women and Vegetarians (1)


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There is a reason why professional hair loss consultants make a point of analysing the diet and nutritional intake of their clients.

It’s because they know that a single nutritional deficiency can cause or worsen hair loss and hair thinning conditions.

Getting nutrition right – from the very start – makes sense – it increases the success rate of other treatments they provide. Expert consultants recommend their clients take a nutritional supplement containing essential nutrients known to maximise strong healthy hair growth.

“If your body’s chemistry isn’t right from the inside, using a topical hair loss treatment would be like pouring fertiliser on soil containing poor seeds so you won’t achieve the best possible result.”

MINOX-ve Capsules Can Provide A Powerful BOOST for ANY Hair Loss Treatment

MINOX-ve Capsules are a one-a-day supplement containing A FULL RANGE OF nutrients proven essential for strong healthy hair growth in the quickest possible time. Now, the results achieved from hair loss and thin hair treatments can be dramatically boosted – when the conditions on the inside are ‘favourable’.

  • FULL RANGE of Essential Nutrients Recommended By Expert Hair Loss Consultants
  • BOOSTS: ALL Hair Loss and Thin Hair Treatments – From the Inside
  • CONVENIENT: One a day vegecap
  • SUITABLE: For Male and Female Hair Loss and Thin Hair Conditions
  • GOLD STAR: Boosting Nutrients You Need EVERYDAY to Optimise Your Scalp For Strong Healthy Hair Growth