Pure Body Naturals Tamanu Oil – Huge 4 Fl. Oz – 100% Pure Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Unrefined, Treats Acne, Scars, Stretch Marks, Eczema, Psoriasis, Fungus & More, Rejuvenates Skin And Hair, (1 Pack)


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A Flawless Complexion is Within Your Reach!
Whether you’re 13, 93, or somewhere in between, there’s a good chance you’re doing whatever you can to achieve radiant skin. But no matter how hard you try, hormones, UV damage, or the natural aging process seem to be working against you. Blemishes and acne breakouts plague teens, while the signs of aging can start in a person’s twenties – not to mention chronic conditions like Eczema or Psoriasis
Forget those expensive creams, lotions, and laser treatments! With a bottle of Tamanu Oil from Pure Body Naturals, the remedy to all of your skin problems is just a drop away. One of the most effective essential oils, Tamanu is a tough defense against acne. It’s loaded with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that thoroughly clean the skin and lessen the appearance of blemishes. It also holds incredible anti-aging benefits! By encouraging skin regeneration, it erases wrinkles, helps prevent their return, and fades sunspots, scars, and stretch marks. Tamanu is also anti-viral and rich in antioxidants, allowing it to cure and reduce symptoms of many skin conditions including itch, dryness, Athlete’s Foot, Ringworm, Eczema, Psoriasis, nail fungus, and rashes.
Why Tamanu Oil?
Helps heal and prevents acne.
Reduces the appearances of wrinkles while offering UV protection.
Fades scars, sunspots, and stretch marks.
Eases itch and fights fungus.
Organic, cold pressed, and unrefined.
Order Tamanu Oil Now and Achieve a Flawless Complexion!

  • Reduce Acne Breakouts: It may sound counterintuitive to apply essential oils to the skin to prevent pimples, but Tamanu is actually highly effective in reducing breakouts. It’s loaded with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, helping to lessen the appearance of blemishes! And because it absorbs into the skin quickly, it won’t leave a greasy residue on your face. Tamanu Oil also aids in fading acne scars, making it the perfect addition to any daily regime.
  • Defy the Laws of Aging: If natural aging or too much time in the sun has left you with fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, Tamanu Oil may be for you! By encouraging skin regeneration and hydration, it erases and prevents wrinkles while firming sagging skin for incredible anti-aging results. It even offers UV and SPF protection for preventative care. Additionally, it successfully reduces hyper-pigmentation, eliminating sunspots and stretch marks.
  • Ease Itch and Fight Fungus: As the biggest organ of the human body, your skin goes through a lot. But because it’s loaded with anti-viral and antioxidant properties, Tamanu Oil makes a strong defense against even the most stubborn skin conditions! From finger and toenail fungus to chronic conditions like Psoriasis and Eczema, this miracle oil has proven its usefulness in soothing itch, healing rashes, easing pain from Shingles flare-ups, and treating Gout, Ringworm, and Athlete’s Foot.
  • Cold Pressed and Unrefined: With so many companies selling Tamanu Oil, it can be hard to know for sure what you’re buying. A lot of brands market oils diluted with fillers to save money, but that’s not the case with Pure Body Naturals! We offer only organic, cold pressed, and unrefined Tamanu Oil. Our entire line of essential oils are 100% pure and all-natural to ensure that you receive fast, safe, and effective results. Why choose anything other than the best?