Pure Argan Oil Infused Smoothing Bamboo Paddle Hair Brush. Infused with 100% Argan Oil to Improve Shine, Prevent Hair Breakage, Split Ends and Increase Hair Strength


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Argan Infused Bamboo Brush

Be the envy of your friends and family; with our world class natural bamboo wooden argan infused paddle hair brush.

Our “green” brush is eco-friendly and has been dervived from one of the most sustainable renewable sources in the world – Bamboo. Not only is it 100% sustainable, but it also extremely strong and durable.

The large square paddle shape is cushioned and contains pin bristles for an anti-static brushing experience; the brush has been delicately infused with one of nature’s wonders, argan oil which is evenly spread throughout the scalp and hair during brushing maximising each stroke to perfection.

The intricately designed brush helps detangle hair and gives your hair a soft, delicate and supple finish.

What’s more, our brush provides you with all of the benefits of argan oil, without the oily residue.

Our brush is compact enough to fit in your bag, or how about leaving in the car for an emergency treatment?

However you decide use our brush, daily brushing with our innovative styling brush will keep your hair healthier hair from the root to tip all day, every day.

Avoid disappointment add to your basket, and let your hair do the talking

**please note that this is a treatment/finishing brush, and is not to be used with any heat application.

  • Your Hair Deserves The Best: Brushes are brushes, but our argan infused bamboo brush is something of wonders, it conditions, treats and finishes hair giving the perfect look
  • Breath-taking Shine: Keep all your friends guessing, what’s the secret to your style? It’s all in simple hair brush
  • Calm Wild Hair: Argan oils detangling and anti-frizz properties protect your hair against the harsh elements which make or break a hairstyle
  • Deliverable Results: we only use the finest argan oil delivered straight from the hands of the Berber woman in morocco to guarantee you a beautiful result
  • Even Distribution For Optimal Coverage: the bristles are carefully spaced to evenly distribute the oil from root to tip giving your hair even coverage and protecting all day long