ProStyles Wig and Hair Extension Care Pack | Shampoo, Conditioner and Conditioning Spray | 3 x 250ml Bottles |For Synthetic Fibre or Human Hair


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Shampoo, Conditioner & Daily Spray Conditioner from Pro Styles | Wigs, Hair Pieces & Hair Extensions
1 x Shampoo; 1 x Conditioner; 1 x Daily Conditioning Spray [All 250ml 8Floz]
De-tangle and protein condition wigs and hair extensions made from either synthetic fibre or human hair
Shampoo and Conditioner to gently remove product build up and care for your hair or extensions
PH Balanced Keratin Shampoo leaves hair glossy and soft
Daily Conditioning spray is PH Balanced and contains anti static agents to stop any frizziness developing
Recommended by the Style team at Hair By MissTresses who have been using Pro Style products for over 10 years
Leaves your wigs and extensions smooth, glossy and manageable. Daily Conditioning spray contains sunscreen to protect natural hair from harmful UV rays
Suitable for your own hair too!

  • 3 x 250ml bottles | Shampoo, Conditioning Rinse and Conditioning Spray | Complete Care Pack for your wig and hair extensions
  • Suitable for Synthetic Fibre and Human Hair
  • The 3 Step Process is designed to prolong the life of your wigs and hair extensions, leaving them glossy, soft and manageable
  • Shampoo and Conditioner removes product build up | Conditioning Spray prevents frizziness
  • Part of the Hair By MissTresses Wig Care Range