Proraso Refreshing Pre Shave Cream


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Proraso Pre and After Shave Cream prepares your skin for shaving by softening the bristles and providing a lubricating base layer for your shaving cream which boosts razor glide. Proraso Pre and After Shave Cream is also a wonderful after shave balm, eucalyptus oil soothes your skin while menthol leaves your skin with a fresh cool feeling. Proraso Pre and Post Shave Cream is formulated with a traditional combination of Eucalyptus Oil, Menthol and Glycerin. How to use Wet the face with hot water. Apply Proraso Pre and After Shave Cream to the area to be shaved. Lather your face with shaving cream / soap, apply this on top of the Proraso. After shaving, wash face with cold water. Apply Proraso Pre and After Shave Cream to the face as an after shave balm. This is the ultimate 2 for 1 cream, our recommended pre and post shave cream. Proraso was founded in Florence, Italy in 1926. Proraso products are rich in natural vegetable extracts, are without artificial colours and are dermatologically tested. Proraso is one of the leading suppliers of men’s shaving goods in the world, millions of men love using Proraso at part of their daily shaving and grooming routine.

  • After- and Pre-Shaving CreamShaving Cream Refreshing – Proraso
  • Proraso – Men
  • Package: 100 g