Professional Hairdresser’s Ionic Dual-Bristle Brush 25 mm – Heat-Retaining Ceramic Barrel & Boar & Nylon Bristles


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The Kobe Ionic Dual-Bristle Brush could well revolutionise your brushing. It’s packed with features normally found only in high-end brushes but (in line with Kobe’s philosophy of “affordable quality”) priced at a level that most of us can afford.

First there are the dual bristles made from boar and nylon. The latter separate the hair for efficient blow drying, while the boar bristles are slightly shorter and provide excellent grip so your brush will hold its curl when you’re adding volume. Boar bristle is also fantastic for creating shine as it distributes the natural oils in the hair to leave it looking glossy and healthy.

Then there’s the ceramic barrel. This is coated with semi-precious tourmaline which gives off frizz-busting negative ions when heated. This ionic action means that hair is sleeker and smoother after brushing and shine is boosted even further.

But it’s not just the results you get with the Kobe Ionic that make it an exceptional brush. It’s also amazingly comfortable to use. The soft touch handle is covered in small bumps which give a slight massaging action to your palm as you brush making it a true pleasure to use.

Finally, in the end of the handle there’s a removable section pin. Simply pull it out, turn it round and pop it back into the handle and you’ve got a handy sectioning tool at the other end of your brush, so you won’t need to keep swapping tools while you work.

The Kobe Ionic Dual-Bristle Brush is available in 4 sizes: 25 mm, 32 mm, 42 mm and 53 mm. You can buy each one separately or buy all 4 in a money-saving set.

  • Boar & nylon bristles create fantastic shine
  • Heat-retaining ceramic barrel
  • Barrel gives off frizz-busting negative ions
  • Comfortable to use
  • Comes with integrated sectioning pin