Plantur 39 250ml Phyto-Caffiene Shampoo for Coloured and Stressed Hair

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For hair over forty. Activates hair roots during washing. Before the menopause, hair roots are protected by high levels of female hormones (estrogen). After the menopause, estrogen levels will decline and the impact of male hormones (testosterone) will increase. The consequences: hair grows thinner and falls out prematurely, the scalp becomes more visible and the hairline recedes. Nature’s phyto active ingredients help the scalp protect itself from the consequences of declining estrogen levels. The caffeine in this shampoo prevents premature exhaustion of hair growth caused by the impacts of testosterone. When washing, the active caffeine ingredient penetrates all the way into the hair follicle, which can be detected after being left on for as little as 120 seconds. This shampoo only contains a small amount of hair conditioning agents to ensure that your hair style retains its volume.

  • For Coloured and Stressed Hair
  • Encourages Hair Growth
  • Encourages Stronger Hair Roots
  • Decreases impact of estrogen decline
  • Contains caffeine to penetrate into scalp