PF-Natur Vital Hair Loss Hair Growth Antibreakage Conditioner 300 ml +SCVGTM & ℠*


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Specially formulated with Wheat germ Phytoactive complex, this hair loss conditioner Softens, strengthens and untangles hair, leaving it supple and with no oily residue. Hair elasticity and anti-breaking strength are boosted by the action of Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein thanks to the protective layer it forms. The phytoactive complex obtained from germinating wheat and soya seeds and ginseng extract complements this action by providing energy to the hair, which enhances hair growth. Vitamins A, B3, B7, E, F, H and Pro-vitamin B5 moisturize and ensure the scalp’s natural balance. Suitable for all hair types. 0% silicones, colourants, sulfates, mineral oils, phthalates.SCVG* When buying this product you are not only receiving the physical item – you are receiving.PassionFlower’s unique Supply Chain Verification Guarantee! The quantity off fake and counterfeit produce on sale in the World today is staggering and most of it is sold innocently by honest traders.  The supply chain has been infiltrated and fake goods are introduced into the system.  This is bad if you are buying a designer shirt that turns out to be a poor quality replica but it can be disastrous and dangerous if you are applying a fake cream to your skin!  This is why many of PassionFlower’s products now carry the Supply Chain Verification Guarantee (SCVG).  This is your assurance that we have fully verified that at all steps of the chain from manufacturer to you, the customer, the supply chain is secure and has not been infiltrated by purveyors of fake goods.  This Guarantee is ONLY available exclusively from PassionFlower – if your order is fulfilled by anyone else then you have not received the SCVG that you have paid for when ordering this product!

  • Strengthens hair bulbs
  • Untangles, softens & adds shine
  • Prevents hai breakage & split ends
  • Increases hair elasticity
  • Comes with full SCVG cover for your safety!