No tangle Professional Hair Brush – KingOfHearts™ Natural Green Sandalwood Hair Brushes with Wooden Pins Handmade Wood Bristle Massage Comb and Aromatic Scent for Detangling Curly Hair – No Static Air Bag Hairbrush


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About Green Sandalwood:
Green Sandalwood is one of the densest and finest wood in the world. A sandalwood tree takes a hundred year to reach maturity and it is the only tree emits fragrance in the world which will last for decades.


  • Green sandalwood hairbrush helps ease tension, improve blood circulation, reduce hair loss and relief headache.
  • The natural fragrance of Sandalwood is good for human health.
  • Combs made of sandalwood is anti-static for decades.
  • Sandalwood is believed to ward evil and bring good luck in Buddhism.

Maintenance tips:

  • Avoid immersing your hair brush in water especially hot water for more than half an hour, as it would cause it to distort.
  • Avoid putting your hair brush in the place where the temperature exceeds 40 degrees.
  • Avoid Exposing in the sunlight.

Package includes:
1 x green sandalwood hairbrush

Item Dimensions:
21 × 5 × 3.5 cm (8.26 × 1.96 × 1.37 inches)

Legal Statement:
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  • ❤ NATURAL MATERIALS AND HANDMADE – This anti-static comb is made of natural green sandalwood with Aromatic Scent. Due to the nature of real green sandalwood, the comb could show in different colors such as yellow, dark and so on.
  • ❤ UNIQUE DESIGN – The Airbag on the brush and the streamlined design for Handle. It fits in the hand perfectly and just glides through hair effortlessly.
  • ❤ SCALP MASSAGE – Ease tension, improve blood circulation, reduce hair loss and relief headache.
  • ❤ HIGH QUALITY AND DURABLE – The quality is superb and sturdy that it would easily last for a long time.
  • ❤ SPECIAL GIFT – A good gift for yourself or your friends because of its premium quality and precious nature.