Natural World Chia Seed Volume and Shine Conditioner 500 ml


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Naturally volume boosting, the new Chia Seed Oil Volume & Shine Range adds shine and uplifts hair with organic chia seed oil and 5 essential oils.

This exquisite formula includes a calming blend of 5 essential oils:

Cedarwood. Promotes hair growth.
Rosemary. Increases scalp circulation and stimulates roots.
Lemongrass. Strengthens hair follicles.
Orange. Soothes irritated scalps.
Ylang Ylang. Balances the hairs natural oils for a healthy shine.

The Chia Seed Oil Range deeply cleanses dirt and impurities that can weigh the hair down, to leave it feeling uplifted and with a natural gloss. Ideal for fine and thin hair, the Chia Seed Oil Range will strengthen hair for beautifully fuller and healthier hair.

  • Chia Seed Oil is renowned for its remarkable cosmetic properties.
  • Effectively remove’s dirt & impurities that weigh the hair down.
  • Infused with certified organic Chia Seed Oil and 5 Essential Oils (Cedarwood, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Orange and Ylang Ylang).
  • Upto 12 months life span of the product after opening
  • For Salon Use Only.