Mytoptrendz® Long Large Tooth Shampoo Detangle Comb Rake Handle Hair Comb (Black Long Teeth style 4)


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Whether you are a professional hairstylist, or simply love to get the most from your style, the right hairdressing combs will make all the difference to your finished look.

These combs have wider and longer teeth to avoid snagging and to leave hair looking beautiful. Our hair combs are robust and strong, and easy to care for.

Wide tooth combs can be used to ensure accurate and even product application on hair that is wet and more liable to damage; the wide teeth move through the hair smoothly and safely, and the rounded plastic combs avoid tearing and breakage. style 1: for double row tooth comb Full Length 8 “Tooth length 1.2″ Style 2 : Full Length 8.5″ tooth length 1.2″ Style 3: Full Length 9.5″ Tooth length 1.5″ 13 teeth Style 4: Full Length 8 .2″ Tooth length 2.7″ 14 teeth Style 5 : without handle Full length :6″ Tooth length :1.6″ 19 teeth

  • Small Handle wide tooth hair comb with small handle or without handle in various style
  • Sleek and efficient, this sturdy comb is made from ebonite (hardened rubber) polished for a perfectly refined finish.
  • perfect for shampoo , Applying conditioner, detangling wet hair, Best suited for medium length, long or curly hair.