Moa – The Green Balm 50ml


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MOA Green Balm-MOA Green Balm (50ml)Each pot of Móa The Green Balm is crammed with organic yarrow; a herb renowned for its nourishing and healing properties. Made with 100% natural ingredients home-grown on English soil, its endless multi-tasking beauty and first-aid properties make it a must-have for festival season (especially the pocket-friendly 20ml size)! In fact, this is such a natural product it can even be added to hot water and honey, and gargled to ease a sore throat. Its abilities know no bounds!

  • Especially beneficial in very dry or cold weather conditions, the balm is an exceptionally effective re-hydration agent
  • Helpful with skin conditions such as dry patches, rashes, burns and psoriasis
  • Effective in soothing eczema and mild cases of psoriasis
  • Protects chapped and cracked skin on elbows, knees hands and feet
  • Fantastic facial cleanser
  • Warm a small amount between fingertips and apply to face.
  • Removes eye make-up, whilst conditioning the eyelashes
  • Softens cuticles
  • Revives dull looking hair
  • Comb through to condition and restore lustre and vitality to tired looking locks
  • A baby bag essential – Moa helps prevent nappy rash, soothes eczema and cradle-cap
  • When warmed between fingertips, it is a quality massage oil
  • It can even be drunk! mix a teaspoon of Moa with hot water and a little honey to ease a sore throat.