MNX-365 Maximum Strength Minoxidil Free Hair Loss Treatment Spray Effective Clinical Formula Hair Loss Reduction Promote New Growth Baldness Thinning Alopecia Areata Male or Female Trichology (1)


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WHAT IS MNX-365? MNX-365 is a trichologically formulated hair loss spray solution of active ingredients that are effective in the treatment of male or female hair loss, hair thinning and in the development of new hair growth. MNX-365 is a topically applied scalp stimulant solution that is currently used in clinic situ by professional trichologists at expert hair and scalp treatment centres across the UK and Europe. This product can help stop or slow hereditary hair loss. Some users also grow new hair and from follicles that were previously either non-productive or that seemed to be redundant. This is why MNX-365 is a hair loss treatment trusted by professionals in expert clinics. MNX-365 contains a active ingredients such as Caffeine, Methyl Nicotinate, Humulus Lupulus and Piroctone Olamine. As such you may well notice results in as little as just eight weeks. HOW MNX-365 Works The beneficial effects of scalp stimulants to increase blood supply to the scalp’s hair follicles are well documented. MNX-365′s synergistic formulation encourages fresh blood supply and nutrients to every hair follicle is available without expensive clinical visits and consultation. It is normal to expect a little hair fall at first use and this effectively paves the way for a healthier follicle and thicker new growth.

  • Potent MAX. strength hair loss treatment system for the reduction of hair fall and the promotion of fresh healthy new growth.
  • Clinical formulation as used by specialist trichology hair loss and scalp malady treatment clinics in the UK. Now this high efficacy product is available to you too.
  • Highly effective for all male and female generic hair loss conditions.
  • Used by experts. Now available to discerning members of the public without travelling to or receiving treatment in clinic
  • Makes hair feel noticeably thicker. Improves the all round general health of the hair and scalp and promotes the ideal conditions for fresh new hair growth