Mayoliva Olive oil hair mayonnaise mask 16OZ/454 grams – damaged hair treatment with hydrolysed proteins for hair, olive oil for hair, natural hair mask, dry hair treatment, intensive hair treatment


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Mayoliva – Olive Oil Hair Mayonnaise

Breathe new life into dry damaged or brittle hair with Mayoliva intense conditioning olive oil hair mayonnaise. It is an intensive hair repair treatment that not only nourishes hair, but also strengthens it and increases elasticity – which leads to less breakage and split ends.

It combines the benefits of protein and fat rich olive oil mayonnaise to provide a deeply nourishing hair repair treatment to leave hair not only stronger, but moisturised, soft and shiny too.

Thanks to the hydrolysed proteins for hair from egg, silk and milk in it’s formula, it is able to repair both internal and external damage and seal cuticles which results in softer, smooth hair . Also rich in moisturising ingredients, Mayoliva hair mayonnaise it has the perfect protein moisture balance so that hair is also left moisturised.

  • Intense conditioning olive oil hair mayonnaise treatment that instantly leaves hair soft, nourished and shiny.
  • Hair mayonnaise – intensive hair repair treatment that strengthens, repairs dry, damaged and processed hair with help from the proteins in mayonnaise and natural lipids (fats) from olive oil.
  • Contains deeply moisturising ingredients and hydrolysed proteins for hair including silk, egg and milk proteins to effectively repair internal and external damage to hair.
  • Mayoliva hair mayonnaise is an excellent hair breakage treatment for coloured hair, relaxed hair and bleached hair to restore softness, healthy, shine and increased elasticity so that hair stops breaking.
  • Softens, smoothes and defines curls when used on curly hair.