L’Biotica Biovax Intensive Regenerating Mask for Dark Hair 250ml


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L’Biotica Biovax for Dark Hair Mask 250ml

Precisely concocted recipe for BIOVAX products is based on brown algae extract, silk proteins and UV Filter.

BIOVAX LINE is a unique combination of Health, Safety and Professional Care in one product.

Brown Algae have easily-absorbed iodine compounds which are necessary for keeping hair in good condition. Rich in kalium, magnesium, calcium and Ferrum. It also includes vitamins: B1, B2, C, K. They potentiate keratin synthesis what protects both hair-endings from splitting and hair from brittling. Hair are moistened and shiny. They have remineralizing, stabilizing and hair skin moistening functions.

Silk proteins intensively moisturize and regenerate damaged hair. Hair are smooth, soft, silky shine and they don’t electrify.
Dark hair are especially prone to fading. UV Filter effectively secures dark hair from losing their colour. Thanks to it, hair colour remains deep regardless of external factors.
Biovax mask for dark hair with unique wax consistency is fortified with sweet almond oil, honey and henna.
Natural sweet almond oil is a rich source of glycerides of oleinic and linolic acids which soften and smooth out hair.
Honey extract has moisturizing function. It intensively nutrifies hair bulbs as well as hair skin. It gives hair a beautiful shine.
Henna thanks to its chemical constitution facilitates the process of absorbing active compounds into hair. Simultaneously, it regenerates the natural hair pigmentation what keeps hair colour fresh and lively.

Biovax is a guarantee for PROFESSIONAL CARE EFFECT!

The effects on hair:
deep and intensive colour
protection from UV fading ,
natural beautiful glow,
regenerated and moisturized hair
Package includes:
1x250ml jar hair mask, 1×1.5ml hair serum A+E, 1xtermocap.