J. F. Lazartigue Moisturizing Mask 235g


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Shampoo alone will not solve hair problems. A pre-shampoo treatment is needed, which will restore and nourish the hair. A once a week pre-shampoo treatment will restructure the capillary fibre, restoring and nourishing your hair. J.f.lazartigue’s Pre-Shampoo Treatment Moisturising Mask treats and energises both the scalp and hair simultaneously. This product is for the hair as well as the scalp. Its melting texture makes penetration easier. It untanges, moisturises and reduces static electricity. It renews brilliance and makes styling easier. Your scalp feels refreshed all day long. This Pre-Treatment Moisturising Mask has an excellent affinity with the Keratin of the hair, which ensures the cohesion of the scales of the hair shaft to enhance hair shine. It has a spectacular effect on colour treated hair; it leaves the hair vibrant with renewed shine, without weighing it down. The mask contains a boosting ingredient that acts on colour pigments to prolong and intensify colour treated hair. The sun filter fixed in a Vegetal Active also reinforces chemical linkages of the disulfure bridges of the keratin to protect and reinforce weakened hair. In addition, the sun filter protects from UV rays.For best results use after j.f.lazartigue’s Moisturizing Shampoo. Ideal for: Dry and Dehydrated Hair.

  • A pre shampoo scalp treatment for dry and colour treated hair
  • Innovative and targeted formula revitalizes hair
  • Promotes better penetration of active ingredients
  • With repairing properties to smooth and nourish hair
  • Leaves scalp hydrated and energized