Invisibobble Traceless Hair Ring and Bracelet, Crystal Clear Suitable for All Hair Types


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The invisibobble is a traceless hair band that does not leave a kink mark on your hair. It provides an uneven pressure around the circumference of your pony tail thus providing a strong hold without pulling of the scalp which can lead to hair breakage, head aches and sore scalps. It does not contain any metal parts, so no getting it caught in your hair. Can be used in all hair types and comes in a box of three.

  • The Invisibobble wraps around the hair and places uneven pressure around the ponytail.
  • It’s caring to the hair and avoids headaches and split ends.
  • An invisibobble can be worn with any hair type! No matter if curly, straight, thick or thin, invisibobble is always wearable.
  • Invisibobble can also be worn as a bracelet, when not worn in the hair.
  • Water repellent so is a stylish accessory for almost any occasion and a great solution for a day at the beach or doing sports.