HugMyHair Coconut Cleanse Shampoo-Bar, 100g, Conditions Dry Hair-Types, Deeply Moisturises & Treats Scalp, Makes 4c-Hair Shiny & Soft – 100% Vegetarian Ingredients, Organic Coconut-Oil & Aloe Vera Gel, Glycerine – Perfect Hijab Natural Hair-Care


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HUG MY HAIR COCONUT CLEANSE SHAMPOO BAR: BECAUSE YOUR HAIR DESERVES THE BEST Are you tired of harsh shampoos that leave your hair feeling stripped and dry? Do you want to deeply condition and moisturise it? Here’s the only product that you’ll ever need: the Hug My Hair Coconut Cleanse Shampoo Bar. Shampoo bottles are so yesterday! Our shampoo bar features a blend of natural ingredients that help moisturize your locks and condition your scalp, providing a complete treatment that will leave your hair soft, shiny, and so good-looking! While the coconut oil offers a high level of moisture to your strands, aloe vera cares for your scalp, treating potential issues. At the same time, the glycerin prevents your hair from feeling stripped and dry, so no more harsh chemicals to damage it! Ideal for use before and after dying or bleaching your hair, the Hug My Hair Coconut Cleanse Shampoo Bar has a lovely scent that will leave your locks smelling exotic. Once applied, this miraculous shampoo bar will de-twist and unknot your hair, so you can confidently use it if you’re having troubles combing or brushing your beautiful strands. Just rub it between your wet palms to lather, then work through damp hair from roots to ends, massing the scalp. Rinse and enjoy smooth & shiny hair! Not convinced? Just look at the pros: – Glycerine doesn’t leave your hair feeling stripped and dry. – Contains coconut oil and aloe vera, which condition hair and treat your scalp. – De-twists and unknots hair. – Has a lovely scent that leaves your hair smelling great – Not tested on animals, 100% cruelty free! Give your hair the treatment it really deserves. Click the “Add to Cart” button to order the Hug My Hair Coconut Cleanse Shampoo Bar right away!

  • SHAMPOO BAR; shampoo bottles are so yesterday! Everyone is now getting back to shampoo bars, which have a myriad of great benefits for your hair – and the Hug My Hair Coconut Cleanse Shampoo Bar is one of the very best!
  • 99% NATURAL INGREDIENTS; this shampoo bar has been formulated with 99% natural and 99% vegetal ingredients including coconut oil and aloe vera, which will deeply moisturize and nurture your hair, so your locks are always shiny, soft, and strong!
  • GLYCERINE BAR; glycerine doesn’t damage your cuticles, meaning that it won’t leave your hair feeling stripped or dry after you use the Hug My Hair Coconut Cleanse Shampoo Bar. Due to its mild action, the bar won’t dry out your hair!
  • DE-TWISTS & UNKNOTS: is your hair so twisted and knotty that you just can’t comb or brush it? Don’t worry – our shampoo bar will effectively de-twist and unknot it, leaving it smooth, soft, and great-looking.
  • CONDITIONS HAIR; thanks to its rich content of coconut oil, this shampoo bar by Hug My Hair will condition your hair, whilst the aloe vera will treat your scalp. An essential of any hijab hair care routine!