HERBAL TIME SEMI-PERMENANT HAIR COLOUR **No6 CHOCOLATE** ready to use with Henna and Nettle extract


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Ready to use! The new formula HERBAl TIME does not contain ammonia and oxidizer. It gently colours and nourishes the hair with extracts from natural and colourless henna. The combination of cutting edge technology and ancient traditions in hair dying with natural henna guarantees an excellent result in harmony with nature. The extract from nettle and vitamin F in combination with olive oil provide the hair with irresistible shine and strength and make combing easy. Use for independent hair colouring, maintaining colour in between two hair dyes with oxidizing hair colour or highlights. Colouring henna cream “Herbal Time” has the following advantages compared with traditional oxidizing hair dyes and powder hennas: Ready and easy to use; The special herbal formula with nettle extract , 100% olive essential oil, castor oil and henna extracts (Cassia fistula, Cassia italica) are not harmful to the hair, but they actually improve its structure, they make it incredibly vital and shiny; There is a complex of conditioners, which facilitate combing, improve hair structure and provide gloss and softness; Does not contain PPD, pesorcinol and 1-naphtol, which traditional hair dyes contain; Does not contain ammonia and other alkalizing agents; Does not contain Hydrogen peroxide or other oxidizing agents. The special Herbal – formula allows you to dye your hair immediately after this with oxidizing hair colour if you wish; continuous use causes no damage to the hair structure (unlike powder hennas). In the product both the extracts from colourless henna and natural henna are in active state, unlike powder hennas takes only 30 minutes (NOT 2 – 5 hours). The product is suitable for customers with sensitive skin, allergic to oxidizers and hair colour.

  • If you have shoulder-length + and / or very thick hair with volume, use 2 tubes to achieve desired result – see 2 x pack listings!
  • The special herbal formula with nettle extract, 100% olive essential oil, castor oil and henna extracts Not harmful to the hair, improves its structure, make it incredibly vital and shiny. Does not contain Hydrogen peroxide or other oxidizing agents, damaging the hair.
  • The special formula provides and covers gray hair up to 80%. The durability of the coloring in general is up to 4-6 hair washes.
  • Suitable for people with sensitive skin and allergic to oxidants and hair dyes. It helps to recover the lost health of your hair and repairs damaged hairs. Henna restores the acid-alkaline balance of the scalp without affecting the natural balance of your hair.
  • Ready and easy to use. The package contains: Tube with henna cream 75ml, Instructions and protective gloves.