Haryali Hand Assembled Classic Collection Straight Cut Throat Wooden Shaving Razor Wooden Black Badger Hair Shaving Brush Brown Leather Strop & DOVO Honing Paste.


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The Straight Razor Shave Start with the unproblematic soft parts of the face and hold the open razor as shown with the thumb and three fingers so that the opened handle shows away from the face. On the first day only shave the sideburns with the razor, shave the rest of the face as usual. Everyday shave a larger area of the face with the cut throat razor you will quickly develop a feel for the razor. Handmade in UK Shaving Brushes are entirely hand sculpted and fashioned by Haryali London in UK. We are taking our time to make sure every brush is made to perfection, Haryali London is able to produce some of the most striking and spectacular pieces around. Black Badger Made from Black Badger hair, the brushes are incredible soft, fine, and flexible, making it smooth and gentle on your skin. With the ability to hold a large amount of water, lathering up is quick and easy.

  • Haryali London expertly crafted Black Badger Hair Brush is in a league of their own when it comes to brilliance and excellence.
  • Haryali straight Razor Hand crafted and specially provide the safest and most comfortable shave for all users.
  • Massages and exfoliates skin during lathering.
  • German made DOVO yellow strop Paste.
  • Badger shaving brush produces excellent lather with hot water and shaving soap or shaving cream.