Hair Straightener, Euph 3 In 1 Multi-Function Hair Straightening Brush With LCD Temperature Control, Hair Straightener With Fast Styling, Detangling Electric Straightener For Short or Long, Black, Thick, Thin, Wavy Hair or Bangs (pink)


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1. Ceramic tourmaline technology: the heating comb teeth deliver even ceramic heat, eliminating damaging hot spots for beautiful frizz-free shine.
2. All shells are made of high-temperature-resistance engineering plastic, such as PET/PPS/PAEE, lighter than most of other brushes, total weight less than 300g.
3. Overwhelming advantages: a 5 to 10 times faster compared to traditional straighteners, simpler and quicker operation, and easier for individuals to take care of hair.
4. This hair straightener is to make hair straight by combing hair with a natural gentle force, no moisture loss from hair in the combing process, different from traditional straighteners.
5. Innovative patent design and Ergonomic No-slide handle for comfort and easy of styling. And for all hair types: Volume, Curl, Smooth, Wave, Style.

5 Temperature Settings
Different settings of Hair Straightener can provide you with various temperature settings to obtain straight hair.
The hair straightener has 5 temperature settings, it is 120 Celsius, 140 Celsius, 160 Celsius, 180 Celsius, 200 Celsius. We recommend that you choose the highest rate at the beginning, then according to the hair texture to reduce the temperature level.
1. For fine fragile hair
120 Celsius are generally selected.
2. For fine hair
140 Celsius are generally selected.
3. For normal hair
160 Celsius are generally selected.
4.For coarse and wavy hair
180 Celsius are generally selected.
5.For thick and curly hair
200 Celsius are generally selected.
Please press on/ off button and hold for 3 seconds to turn it on. According to personal’s habit to use this hair straightener and it has no direction.

  • Rapid Heating and Last Longer: Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) heating technology get the straightener brush hot within 30 seconds, 5~10 times faster than traditional straighteners, start to style your hair within 1 minute and last for whole day
  • Multi-Function: this hair straightener provides Straight/Wave/Styling-3 In 1 multi functions. Built-in Anion adjusts moisture balance and recover damaged chaff scale, double cares your hair. High Performance Ceramic heater has super-fast heating and great cooling performance function.
  • Five Heat Settings: 5 finger tip-control temperature settings from low 120 Celsius to high 200 Celsius for safety styling all hair types, from fragile to coarse. Besides, the 5 rows of short, thin flat teeth could provide very stable temperature when working on hair.
  • Professional Teeth Design: 7 rows of long, sturdy, smooth nylon ball tipped teeth for tangle-free glide, heating-proof and prevent damage to the scalp. 5 rows of short, thin flat teeth enter into hair gently and deeply, offer stable temperature when working. Ceramic Tourmaline Technology reduces static, locks in moisture and leaves hair silky smooth with brilliant shine.
  • Unique Design: Brush is designed less than 300g, protect you from sore arm while working. Extra-long 360 degree Swivel Cord and Easy-Hold Ridged Tip, offer maximum styling control. Ergonomic No-Slide Handle for comfort and easy of styling. ON/OFF and temperature control button provides One-touch operation. Curved ridge back channels hair for multiple styles and heating-proof, no heating hurt risk.