Hair Brush By Bella and Bear, the Bear Brush Is the Best Paddle Brush for Your Hair, our Paddle Brushes are great for all hair types and all ages.


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Girls Would You Like Healthy Shiny Static Free Professionally Styled Hair?

The “Bear” Hair Brush Is Perfect For All Hair Types!


✓ Paddle Brushes are great for all hair types and the Bella & Bear’s Pretty Brush is perfect for gently styling your and your girls hair without causing damage.

✓ Air Cushioned Rubber Pad, Ball Ended Nylon Bristles and an Ergonomic design for easy holding and brushing

✓ Designed for gentle detangling of wet or dry hair, this hair brush will not cause static problems or hair damage

✓ Stimulates your scalp for a lovely relaxing feeling, the firm but not to hard nylon tipped bristles will gently massage your scalp as you brush, its a lovely way to relax

✓ Your kids will love this pain free brush!

Style Tip

For a straight fringe that sits perfectly alternate between brushing to the left and right with the paddle brush while blasting with your hair dryer on a low heat and medium speed setting.

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  • High Quality PADDLE BRUSH with a soft flexible air cushioned natural rubber pad and ball ended nylon pins for perfect brushing, it’s a great general detangling brush that will restore hair balance and shine for use on wet hair or dry hair.
  • GENTLE AND EFFECTIVE on your hair- The Bear Blow Dry Brush is lovely for gently grooming and maintaining all hair types leaving you with beautiful healthy hair without damage caused by the pulling and tearing of other paddle brushes.
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY ball tipped nylon bristles that stimulate and massage your scalp while reducing stress to your hair during blow drying and styling leaving you feeling wonderful and your hair looking even better.
  • Do you have to fight with the kids to get their hair brushed? Our Paddle Brush is CHILD AND PET Friendly- Your kids will love the look and feel of this brush, it’s pretty, works great and best of all it won’t catch and pull their hair.
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