Grandma Agafia Traditional Sibreian Shampoo 550ml – Nº 2 On Birch Propolis – Regenerating


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Traditional Siberian Shampoo №2
Birch Propolis Repairing

When manufacturing the Birch Propolis Shampoo according to recipe №2, we have added to the recipe of Granny Agafia organic nettle extract,essential oils of geranium and basil, cedar milk to restore your hair even more effectively and healthily. Birch Propolis Shampoo are especially careful at restoring damaged hair and revitalizing the scalp.

Active ingredients:

The organic extract of propolis - actively strengthens the hair, effectively regenerates them and usuwauszkodzenia their structure.

The organic nettle extract - is an indispensable means for improving the health of hair. Nettle extract contains biologically-active components: ascorbic acid, carotene, B vitamins, K. Due to its medicinal properties, nettle great protects the hair from falling improve their structure, restores hair’s strength.

Organic birch leaf extract - accelerates hair growth and prevents hair loss and strengthens them. 

Infusion of sweet clover - contains vitamins C, P and E, which are necessary for the restoration and rejuvenation of skin cells. 

Extract from lungwort spotted - strengthens hair follicles.

The oil of geranium - prevents hair loss.

Oil of basil - has antiseptic, refreshing and soothing.

The organic extract, soapwort - contains natural saponins, foaming agents, which softly and gently cleanse the skin and hair.

Organic honey - nourishes, strengthens, softens, restores shine.

Organic beeswax - polishes, protects and nourishes, protects against excessive drying and environmental impacts.

Does not contains parabens

  • Regenerative Shampoo – based on traditional Siberian recipe
  • With the addition of propolis.
  • Active ingredients: organic propolis extract, organic nettle extract, organic extract of birch
  • Brew with sweet clover extract, lungwort spotted oil, geranium oil, basil, organic
  • Regenerate damaged hair and improve the condition of the scalp.