GKhair The Best Hair Treatment, 100 ml


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The Best Kratine Gkhair 100 ml
New Kratine the best, this new formula will vosclients an exceptional quality of smoothing, while providing unebrillance, flexibility and lightness 30% suprieures auxformules prcdentes.
This new formula is Ultra Smoothing thanks to its irreproachable quality.
Try for a Brazilian smoothing
Opratoire Mode:
Perform 2-1 shampoo with the shampoo clarifiying GKhair, to eliminate the impurities and open cuticles.
2-wring the hair with a towel
3-Apply the uniformment 1/2 inches from the root to tip, mches by mches.
4-Leave on for 60 minutes on all types of hair.
If the hair is too absorbed the product, do not hesitate to add n, still massaging well mches hair to penetrate deeply.
5-Rinse with warm water until coulement that the water is clear. For hair features (colors and … MCHS) made â??â??a Gkhair Moisturizing shampoo.
6-Schez hair dries hair at 100% with a high temperature round brush.
Pass the 7-iron Smooth Titanium to seal the cuticles.
-180C For hair colors / MCHS
-230C For natural hair
8. The client can wash hair ds she wants after application, using shampoo and conditioner Gkhair.
Capacity: 100 ML

  • Rejuvenates while straightening and strengthening hair for up to 5 months
  • Reduces the stiffness in the hair
  • Helps improve texture and enhance manageability
  • One formula which can be customized to offer varying results
  • Reduces styling time