GK Hair Global Keratin THE BEST 300ml Brazilian Treatment


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The Best 300 ml keratin Gkhair for approximately 6-7 Brazilian smoothing
New Keratin the best, this new formula will provide your customers with a quality equivalent to smoothing the first version of Global Keratin Strawberry (strawberry), while providing them with brilliance, flexibility and lightness of a 30% higher than the above.
This new formula is ultra smooth thanks to its quality.
Operation mode:
1-Complete with shampoo shampoo 2 clarifiying gkhair to remove impurities and to open the cuticle.
2-Wring the hair with a towel
3-Apply the product evenly to 1 / 2 cm from root to tip, strand by strand.
4-Leave on for 15-60 minutes. The exposure time varies with the rate of curling the hair.
5-Rinse with warm water until the water flow is clear. For treated hair (colored and nasty …) made â??â??Gkhair Moisturizing shampoo.
6-Dry hair to 100% dry hair using a round brush at high temperatures.
Pass the 7-Titanium flat iron to seal the cuticles.
-180 ° C for colored hair / bit
-230 ° C for natural hair
8-You can wash your hair with shampoo and condition Gkhair to maintain your tooling.

  • Reduces the stiffness in the hairJuvexin penetrates throughout the hair shaft delivering conditioning and moisturizing benefits Improves softness and reduces friction enabling the hair to better withstand heat