FolliOne Growth Stimulator for Women. Restore Hair after Thinning and Prevent Baldness. Hair Loss Treatment for Women for Easy Hair Growth. One month supply.


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Long, beautiful hair is always in style. Unfortunately, hair loss is a bigger problem than we’d like to admit. But now, you can put nature and science to work for you and regrow the luscious locks you’ve always loved — and deserve to have! By simply applying FolliOne Growth Stimulator for Women, you will see a dramatic increase in the amount and quality of your hair. The active ingredients are gentle on your scalp, but powerful enough to target hair loss. The active components include DHT-blocking ingredients such as diaminopyrimidine and niacinamide. Diaminopyrimidine oxide has been shown through clinical research to inhibit the activity of an enzyme called 5α-reductase. This enzyme converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

  • The scientifically and clinically proven hair-growth ingredients strengthen hair follicles, promote thicker hair, and target substances that disrupt hair growth such as DHT.
  • The anti-inflammatory properties of several of the ingredients heal your scalp and allow hair to grow back fuller, stronger, and more vibrant.
  • This non-alcohol based formula gently strengthens your scalp, allowing the ingredients to penetrate the scalp without evaporating or crystallizing.
  • Formula penetrates deep into skin thanks to a novel and advanced delivery system called Dimethyl Isosorbide (DMI). DMI is made from natural cane sugar.
  • In addition to improving their effectiveness, the use of DMI to enhance epidermal penetration reduces the amount of active ingredients that is required to achieve desired experiences.