Fitoval Hair-Loss Shampoo – Stimulates Growth & Fights Excessive Hair-Shedding / Thinning – With Arnica, Rosemary & Glycogen – 100ml


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Fitoval is a non-prescription, dermatological shampoo for stopping excessive hair-loss, eliminating disturbances of hair growth / regeneration, strengthening thin, weak hair & hair-roots, increasing hair volume. Fitoval contains high-quality GLYCOGEN which supplies hair-root cells with extra energy, CORN-WHEAT PEPTIDES which penetrate deep into hair structure, strengthening from within & creating a protective surface-layer that guards against hair stress. These ingredients strengthen hair and stimulate growth. ROSEMARY and ARNICA improve microcirculation in hair roots and have an anti-inflammatory effect on scalp. Fitoval Shampoo Against Hair Loss addresses REVERSIBLE LOSS. Hair shedding is a normal at a rate of about 80 to 100 hairs daily. Greater loss is cause for concern. Many factors cause hair loss. Dermatologists classify hair loss into 2 types – temporary (reversible) or permanent (irreversible) hair loss. REVERSIBLE HAIR LOSS is primarily caused by infections, prolonged stress, dieting, poor nutrition, side effects of medication, hormonal changes and improper hair care. A healthy scalp has about 85 to 90% of hair-follicles in the growth phase. A transient phase follows then a rest phase. Increased hair loss occurs when the number of hairs in the growth phase is reduced and those in the rest phase is increased. If weaker, thinner hair occurs at the growth stage, it is likely to quickly fall out. Fitoval stimulates and enhances hair growth by: providing an additional source of energy & strength to the hair root cells; increasing hair’s resistance; improving blood supply to the scalp. TO USE: Apply to wet hair. Massage into hair and scalp with fingertips. Leave for at least 5 minutes then rinse thoroughly. Repeat if desired. With continued use, Fitoval provides a long-term solution to excessive hair-loss & thin hair. PLEASE NOTE: In common with other non-prescription treatments, Fitoval does not stop IRREVERSIBLE hair loss.

  • Helps solve the problem of excessive hair loss and thin hair.
  • Stimulates & enhances hair growth. Encourages stronger, thicker growth
  • Provides hair with energy & strengthens hair roots
  • Improves blood supply to the scalp
  • Regular use provides a long-term solution to reversible hair loss & thinning hair