Fake Bake Amplify Daily Gradual Tan 236ml


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A powerful and versatile skin lotion that works on three fronts at once. Fake Bake Amplify Daily Gradual Tanner Lotion uses tanning actives to intensify and prolong your tan’s colour and glow. What’s more, it uses a special plant based agent that encourages melanin production, aiding your skin in producing a healthy, natural and even tan. Finally, it rejuvenates the skin, nurturing the skin with the moisture it needs to stay radiant, silky smooth and young looking.

  • Fake Bake Natural Golden Tone Amplify Daily Gradual Tan 236ml
  • Brand: Fake Bake
  • Intensify, Boost & Perfect.
  • Intensify: Added Tanning Actives Help To creat A Streak-Free Golden Glow
  • Boost: Biotanning, A Clinically Proven Natural Plant Active, Increase Melanin Production
  • Ultimate in self-tanning lotions
  • Fast way to get a fantastic tan
  • No damaging side effects from the sun
  • Protect body without clogging pores or irritating sensitive skin
  • 236ml Tube