Fake Bake 5 Minute Mousse Ready to Wear Tan 207 ml


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Ready for a tan in just five minutes? Fake Bake’s 5 Minute Mousse is a self tan that is practically ready to wear out of the bottle. In just five minutes this lightweight, fast-drying, mousse covers the skin with its ‘colour lock-down formula’ and brings out a beautifully bronzed glow. The formula is non-transferable so there’s no worry of it rubbing off on clothes and it provides long lasting results that continue to develop even after the instant colour is washed off. Includes application gloves and step-by-step application instructions. To use: Shake can well and use waterproof gloves. Apply small amounts of mousse in a circular motion to the body, working on one area at a time.

  • Ultimate in self-tanning lotions
  • Fast way to get a fantastic tan
  • No damaging side effects from the sun
  • Protect body without clogging pores or irritating sensitive skin
  • 88.71ml Tin