Evy Sunscreen Mousse SPF30


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EVY Sunscreen Mousse has a medical foundation formula that is distributed throughout the top layer instead of adding to the surface as traditional sunscreen. Therefore, it provides very effective protection for up to 6 hours. The formula enhances the skin’s natural protective barrier and helps maintain skin’s moisture. Works very well in extreme conditions such as strong sun, wind and salt water. The mousse is easy to apply, making it easier to achieve the recommended amount of sunscreen and is about twice as lasting in comparison with ordinary sunscreen lotion. Suitable for all skin types but especially for sensitive skin and face. Non- greasy, non-sticking and does not clog pores. Can also be used on the scalp and hair ends.   EVY sunscreen mousse recommended by dermatologists and beauticians to people with sun eczema / allergy. Also suitable for those who often get a rash of sunscreen.   -Maximum possible UVA protection in relation to UVB protection, over 90%. -Contains no preservatives or nanoparticles. -Perfume free. -Stays fresh until the bottle is finished. Also available as SPF 10 and SPF 20.   Use: Shake the bottle, turn it upside down and press until the desired amount. A golf ball big blob enough for an adult’s arm. Allow to dry for a few minutes before putting on clothes. Excess mousse can be rinsed off with water without protection disappears.     Volume: 150 ml   Ingredients: Aqua. Propylene glycol. Ethylhexyl salicylate. Butane. Octocrylene. Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane. Palmitic acid. Propane. Stearic acid.PVP / Hexadecene copolymer. Isobutane. Polysorbate 20. PVP. Triethanolamine. Glycerin. Dimethicone. disodium EDTA

  • Evy Sun Mousse SPF30 150ml – Powered By Proderm Technology
  • Long Lasting, High Protection for Sensitive Skin in easy to apply mousse
  • Very Water Resistant – Non Sticky – Hypoallergenic – Doesn’t Clog Pores
  • 5* UVA rating. Extra Mild Formulation for Sensitive Skin
  • Perfume Free. Paraben free. RECOMMENDED BY DERMATOLOGISTS