Do you shampoo your hair regularly? Gavin Taylor Hair Handmade British organic shampoo frequent wash natural & organic Lavender & Geranium for all hair types, daily shampoo for family, women, men, children 250ml

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British Hairdresser Gavin Taylor says “It is very important to shampoo your hair twice each time as the first will remove environmental pollutants and the second will cleanse the hair. Using half the amount of product for each wash.” he has produced his very own shampoo and conditioner range which includes this Lavender & Geranium shampoo which is infused with English lavender and Bourbon geranium to create this energetic but gentle cleanser. Lavender helps to stimulate hair growth whilst geranium sustains balance in your hair and scalp All of our products are hand made in the UK, recyclable and sustainable. Our shampoos contain hydrolysed wheat proteins providing natural moisture to the hair Our conditioners do not build up in your hair like conventional products so fewer washes are required long term Our products are sustainable meaning what is going down your plughole doesn’t effect wildlife, when it ends up in the river Our products are not tested on animals All of our shampoos balance out the natural sebum (oil) levels in your scalp

  • Our aromatherapy based products are SLS and Paraben Free
  • Organic ingredients are used in this natural derived shampoo
  • Handmade in the UK, without any harmful chemicals
  • Great British Hairdresser Gavin Taylor has produced this exciting new range of shampoos & conditioners provide both health benefits and a sense of well-being
  • At Gavin Taylor Hair we care about people, consumers, suppliers and the products we create.