Dianyi Blow Dry Round Hair Brush 2.2Inch Diagonal Natural Boar Bristles With Nylon Professional Salon Hair Drying Styling


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Material : Bristles blend nylon needle

Why should we mix Bristles and nylon needle ?
Because the bristles are soft, if the round brush, then bad grasp the hair, so the Bristles and nylon needle together will be hard, can better grasp the hair

Why your should choose Dianyi Brush Bristles
1, High temperature resistance : Bristles blend nylon needle can withstand 200 degrees of high temperature
2, Easy hairstyle : Curly hair, straight hair and air bang easy to get.
3, Non-slip handle : Handle is resistance soiling and non-slip, comfortable and consistent the ergonomic design

Use Tips
For straight hair : Brush from the inside of the hair, with the hair drier move down, the outlet down along the comb, hair will be straight.
For curly hair : Roll your hair with a brush, blow it with a hair drier, and repeat it many times to get beautiful natural curls (The hair volume can be adjusted by yourself)
For air bang : Part of the bang root comb with brush, hair drier blowing hair root finalize the design, and you can get blow fluffy natural air bangs.

Preferably bristles
Natural not to stimulate
Improve hair quality
Protect the scalp
Uniform head oil

Detail design
1, Prevent hair knotting : Bristles blend nylon needle, easy to care, reduce static.
2, Wavy handle design : humanization design skid resistance, comfortable grip, with light and comfortable
3, Tightly comb : easy to enter the hair, not easy to hair knotted

  • Tangle Free: glide the detangler brush through tangled hair, specially designed to untangle stubborn knotted stands effortlessly. Cruelty free, no more tangle, no tearing, no pain & no frizz 2, Ergonomic wooden handle which is made of polished strong natural wood for easy-grip, durable enough for a long term use.
  • Ergonomic wooden handle which is made of polished strong natural wood for easy-grip, durable enough for a long term use.
  • Human scalp naturally produces oil called sebum which acts as a protector for hair. The boar bristles help to spread this sebum around to lubricate each of your hair strands which reduces frizz. For Smooth Finishing and Quick Drying. Enhances Shine with Natural Boar Bristles. Anti-static, Anti-bacterial, Highly heat resistant.
  • NANO IONIC TECHNOLOGY: Nano ionic technology in the barrel and bristles helps reduce frizz and add shine. Cuticles are sealed, producing a smooth, soft texture from roots to ends. It creates loose curls and waves in medium to long hair and helps straighten and add volume to shorter and medium styles;
  • Stimulates Scalp: The boar bristles can give you a head massage while brushing which feels great on your head. This also helps to improve blood flow on your scalp.