DeUtte Argan Elixir Curl Definer Cream – Lightweight Natural Curling Cream for Curly and Wavy Hair 230ml


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Curls Intelligent Argan Deluxe Elixir curl definer provides accurate moisture balance to hair ph level. That’s what we call curls intelligence the memories for afro, asian, caucasian hair textures. This curl cream defines non-greasy touchable curls with stronger hold and no oily sheen drips. Contains high vitamin-E and Omega fatty acids content for elasticity and heat protection. Argan Deluxe Elixir creates beautiful well separated curls for all hair types – short kinky, long wavy curls or curly extension weave hair. Provides effective route for smooth transitioning to natural hair. Argan Deluxe Elixir Curl Cream is already helping to transform millions of women’s hair nightmare into shiny smiles. Argan Elixir Curl Definer is produced under strict Quality Control System to ensure consistent delivery of stable quality product at all time. The QC control system is in accordance with European and North America’s GMP / ISO’s requirements. Not tested on animals.

  • Curls intelligent lightweight argan oil curl cream balance hair moisture accurately to define beautiful curly hair, bouncy lustre with longer hold just in minutes. No crunchy feels, no excess oily drips or build-up in hair.
  • Curl Intel hydrating memory recognises and soften coarse hair, increase hair elasticity, separate dry frizzy curly hair and provides tender and light treatment on thin fine hair.
  • Further nourish hair with Vitamin-E, Omega-3 & 6 for steady growth and reinforce hair against curly hair unfriendly heat, constant frizz and lipid oxidation.
  • Fast acting detangler, penetrates hair fibre quickly conditioning hair to resist curly hair damaging frictions such as combing, brushing and pillow pressures.
  • Safe paraben free curl cream formulated to also work for natural wavy, tight curls, permanent waves, thick, thin, textured, relaxed, permed hair, mixed, grey, colour treated, natural hair and weave hair.